Meet ikaun, an innovator in LegalTech

Jason Noble
President, CEO

As a result of a recent transaction between Neudesic, LLC and ikaun Inc., the Unika team is proud to announce that we have officially changed our company name to ikaun (pronounced “icon”). You may be asking yourself why we would do such a thing. We asked the same question, and we’re pretty excited about the answer.

Why we changed our name has operated under its name for the past year, seeing rapid growth since its initial launch. Neudesic, LLC has common members but is not the parent company of  ikaun Inc.  Neudesic will support ikaun through a shared services relationship. While ikaun Inc. is a wholly independent business entity, ikaun will have the benefit of Neudesic’s financial backing and an army of technology consultants that provide ikaun unmatched ability to customize our solution to meet your organizational needs. As the product evolved to be a technology leader in the legal services space, we anticipated potential trademark issues, and more importantly, we believed that owning a .com domain was required to validate our position in the market.

Ikaun now houses an entire suite of legal technology products, including The Firm Directory, Research Directory, and Pulse. Each of these products were previously owned and operated by our team under Neudesic’s umbrella. With ikaun’s official launch, the suite of products is now a wholly independent business entity.

Why your firm should use ikaun

The legal services industry is rapidly changing, forcing firms to adapt or lose to their competition. The most successful firms are delivering a better customer experience and improving business development’s win-rate with the help of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and experience management platforms to gain a competitive advantage. For a law firm to be successful in today’s market, they must make their experience easily discoverable, reusable, and sharable by business development and fee earners.

We spent over a decade working with members of the legal industry to uncover common challenges with business development, marketing, and knowledge management professionals. Ikaun was born as a direct result of what we discovered, with the goal of delivering a world-class experience management platform for the legal services industry.

Our mission is to create an ever-evolving knowledge set of experience that modernized knowledge management through the ability to maintain current knowledge analytics and easily reuse knowledge when cross-selling, staffing, and generating pitches and proposals. Ikaun offers a unique solution for streamlining how experience is discovered, shared, and reused within law firms.

Does ikaun mean something?

To us it does. I is for Intelligence, intellectual and integrated…client intelligence, matter intelligence, firm intelligence, intellectual property. Ikaun also represents artificial intelligence which is a key differentiator in our technology offering. K is for knowledge including knowledge management, knowledge harvesting, and knowledge sharing. A is for assistance, advice and automation, and automatic. UN is for understanding, unified and unique.

So ikaun is:

integrated knowledge, automating and assisting understanding.

Key Features

Ikaun was built to help organizations easily create, discover, and use knowledge to enhance employee productivity and increase business outcomes.

Experience Finder

Experience Finder

Leverage your organization's collective experience for better decision making; easily search for internal experts by skill sets, industry expertise, and more.

AI-Enhanced Search

AI-Enhanced Search

Ikaun’s Intelligent-Knowledge-Assistant searches through your ikaun environment and other connected systems to help answer FAQs, find people, find assets, or support complex research scenarios.



Create easy-to-read profiles that include biography, skills / expertise, employment history, certifications, affiliations and other key information about your employees.


Proposal Generator

Leverage experience already unified in your ikaun platform to create beautiful on-brand proposals and pitches in minutes.

Knowledge Campaigns

Knowledge Campaigns

Deploy knowledge campaigns to inform employees about active pursuits, new clients, or firm news.



Connect your document management systems, CRM, and other popular applications with ease and confidence.