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CV Automation 


The #1 AI-Powered Solution  For Professional Companies Seeking Seamless CV Automation. 

Make Your Data Accessible, Exactly How, When & Where Your Teams Need It.

Gain valuable insights into your hiring process, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your recruitment strategy for better results. 

Advanced Analytics 



Safeguard your sensitive recruitment data with encrypted cloud storage, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations and providing peace of mind for your team. 

Secure Cloud  



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Utilize our dynamic search filters to find the perfect candidates for your proposal needs. 

Tailor each candidate's qualifications  to match the unique requirements of your proposal.  

Attach customized documents to proposals and export them in proposal-specific templates. 

Transform Your Recruitment Process


Partner with us for personalized guidance tailored to your unique needs, ensuring seamless integration and exceptional performance.

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Make Your Data Accessible, Exactly How, When & Where Your Teams Need It. 

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Ginevra Saylor

The best illustration of ikaun’s value is that people across the firm are frequently using ikaun for an array of use cases requiring quick answers common questions, which before could be answered only through disruptive email blasts—if at all.

National Director, Innovation and KM

Gowling WLG

Mike Scariano

The time to get a resume or CV is quite simply a fraction of what it used to be and the last-minute scrambling on the field operations teams to find and update resumes has been nearly eliminated.
In a few clicks, we are able to export perfectly formatted pitches and proposals with updated CVs for clients and enhancing their experience of Neudesic.  For our talent managers in each of our regions, it is a really fantastic opportunity to help customize consultants’ resumes and find the kind of work they may want to be doing on a project.


Chief Revenue Officer

Alex Kelly

Cohen & Gresser

Senior Manager, Marketing and Technology

We set a goal to get the foundational data of our experience systems right and now we’ve done that, finally, with ikaun. The ikaun team has been there with us every step of the way, helping us translate our business processes into the right technology integrations and flow, creating the right solutions to operationalize our business development for us to truly drive that value back to our firm and our attorneys. I simply cannot speak highly enough of their expertise and support.

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Make informed hiring decisions backed by AI-driven insights, ensuring the best fit for your organization’s goals and culture while saving your valuable time and resources. 

The Automated  

Proposal Solution


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Explore CV Partner's Database 

Personalize CVs & Resumes 

Export With Templates 

Customizable CV Templates


Easily accessible, up-to-date CVs and resumes tailored for pitches and proposals. Ensure consistency in branding across all documents, enhancing your professional image and leaving a lasting impression on clients.

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Discover a smarter way to recruit. Harness the power of AI for seamless candidate screening and data-driven decision-making.