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Ikaun gives the business development team the power to work autonomously in creating accurate proposals, while still maintaining high-quality pitches and a higher win rate. Client expectations continue to increase, putting more pressure on business development to respond to RFPs faster.

How did we make this calculation?

We’ve seen our clients respond to 10% more RFPs with the same team. This calculation is a simplified version of our more sophisticated model, which yields a more accurate representation of your firm’s RFP efficiency. The values this calculator generates are not a guarantee and are for demonstration purposes only.
How many proposals do you send a month?
What is the average value per proposal?
With ikaun you could make an additional:

A better way to find, manage and effectively utilize
collective knowledge and skillsets.

Before ikaun: responding to RFPs and pitching new clients is insanely time-consuming, files are all over the place and you're not sure which one is most up-to-date. You don't have all the information needed from SMEs or attorneys, and you can't identify bottlenecks in the system, because there is no system to assess.

After ikaun: you're responding to 40% more RFPs every month, and creating world-class pitches at the same time. You're differentiating your firm from the competition and better understanding why you win and why you lose, flanking the competition at every turn. You'll be the firm others fear to compete with because of your polish, speed, and quality.

  1. Experience Discovery

    Eliminate "pardon the interruption" emails with a catalog of collective skills and experience of everyone within your organization.

  2. Proposal Generation

    Respond to RFPs faster by generating consistent, on-brand proposals.

  3. Cross-selling

    Efficiently grow the business by making siloed practice information available company-wide.

  4. Staffing

    Eliminate email as the mechanism for ad-hoc staffing of projects with validated SME experience profiles.


Keep attorneys and experts focused on billable work

Leverage experience already unified in your ikaun platform, including projects, SME information, service descriptions, files, content and more, to create beautiful on-brand proposals and pitches in minutes.

  • Create highly engaging microsites to share with your prospects and leadership easily.
  • Export your pitch deck and proposal in one click to a branded Word, PowerPoint, or PDF document.
  • Eliminate manual rework, and produce consistent and on-brand proposals in pitches every time.
  • Know who engaged with your microsite, and when, with valuable engagement analytics.
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Let’s say you want to know who in your organization has experience within a specific industry vertical. Rather than sending an email out to everyone in the firm, you can enter your search into ikaun to discover internal experts across specific vertical, technologies, clients, and more.

  • Create rich profiles that include the biography, employment history, industry certifications, and other key information about your team.
  • Control which filters are available to specific people or groups to limit access to certain information.
  • Maintain central control of skills taxonomy while enabling people to search by skills.

Centralize your everything your firm has done, and who did it, into a single location to help with pitches, proposals, cross-selling, staffing, and more.

  • Ikaun talks to your internal systems (DMS, CRM, Time & Billing, and more) and automatically populates employee, client, and project profiles.
  • Continuously improve experience data by allowing SMEs to actively create and validate experience records.
  • Over 200 standard and premium connectors to ensure data is consistent across all systems.
  • Ikaun publishes changes to any number of backend systems using Microsoft Flow.

Get quick, secure access to detailed client data, so you can get a breakdown of ongoing work to better understand what’s happening with each client at any given time.

  • Institutionalize knowledge and reduce information loss around clients.
  • Identify areas of law and specific skills used to service your clients.
  • Pull in financial data and budgets to identify your most profitable clients.
  • Share detailed internal information to add context to client relationships.
  • Maintain complete control over sensitive data with role-based security.

Find and manage internal and client-related content securely. Easily share content within your team or with prospective clients.

  • Effectively communicate recent client updates, processes, and procedures to your organization or team with the click of a button.
  • Position your business as a thought leader by sharing marketing assets and content with prospective clients.
  • See who has engaged with your content with actionable analytics.
  • Share confidently with tight security controls - select who has visibility to document types and who they can share with.

Discover experience and knowledge quickly with the power of natural language processing, simply search the way you speak and get answers in seconds.

  • Build a repository of frequently asked questions, quick tips, and more.
  • Search in the way you speak, and get answers in real-time from anywhere in your ikaun environment.
  • Improve answers over time with supervised learning, giving you the power to enhance the organization's digital assistant.

Ensure the experience collected from internal systems, SMEs and staff is validated and continuously improving.

  • Create new experience records and validate the ones created for them.
  • Build a curated database of experience by enabling consultants, business development, and marketing to work together.
  • Identify "best of" experience records for easy identification during the proposal process.
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People Pivot

Assemble pitch teams for proposals in a flash with People Pivot. View and navigate quickly through their profiles without losing search criteria or results.

  • Easily navigate through your firm directory using filters and
  • Find similar attorneys based on practice areas and past experience
  • Filter results based on education, bar admissions or judge clerkships

Integrate with your
existing systems

Ikaun's suite of systems integrations helps you centralize important company information, making it easier for employees to find information faster and make better decisions. Simplify reporting and give leaders a comprehensive view of engagement, sales, client advocacy, and more.

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Learn from the pros

A podcast for elite legal and professional services business development, marketing, and sales professionals.

Ikaun puts a high priority on getting information to your employees when and where they need it, while also keeping it safe from unauthorized access. Ikaun's advanced AI knowledge discovery capabilities can derive answers and assist in research scenarios using natural language processing.



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