The future – Brought to you by Neudesic

Jason Noble
President, CEO

The year is 2017. Computers fit in our pockets. Cars can drive themselves. Drones can deliver your groceries. Wristbands can tell you how well you sleep at night. A light can be turned on in your home from 1,000 miles away. And yet, far too many organizations are wrangling with data silos, little to no analytics, subpar digital collaboration tools and internal systems that are held together with duct tape and chicken wire. The future is here, but that doesn’t mean it’s in your enterprise – at least not yet.

That’s about to change, thanks to Neudesic’s new technology vision for 2017.

A tech vision for the ages

To bring order to the complex process of digital transformation, Neudesic has illustrated four areas of digital business that are key to driving sustainable, long-term and ongoing enterprise evolution. It includes:

  • Digital Integration: Internally, this means removing silos to improve operational efficiency. Externally, it means integrating with customer data, so as to become “stitched into the fabric of their lives.”
  • The Predictive Enterprise: Big Data plus advanced analytics (predictive, prescriptive) equals real-time business insight, and unrivaled reflexiveness to change.
  • The Digital Workplace: The same digital evolution going on in consumer markets (mobility, cloud, anytime-anywhere collaboration) should be happening within the enterprise.
  • Digital Platform: This is the underlying architecture, the bedrock, if you will, of digital evolution. Everything related to digital resource is built upon your digital platform.

Most modern enterprises are struggling with one or more of these critical components of digital evolution. In theory you could fail at one of these areas and succeed in another; however, sustainable digital evolution isn’t feasible without all four parts.

Neudesic’s template is universally applicable to enterprises without being vague, or dismissive of the elements that make a particular organization unique. If ever there were such a thing as Innovation-as-a-Service, this is it.

How Neudesic’s vision parts from the pack

“Resilience and flexibility are what differentiate digital transformation from digital evolution.”

Part of what makes digital innovation so challenging for a business is a lack of clear direction. According to MITSloan Management Review, only 15 percent of organizations in the early stages of digital transformation claim to have “a clear and coherent digital strategy.” Given the pace at which technology evolves, this is hardly the first time the C-Suite has wrangled with change management.

That said, the stakes are higher than they ever have been, and the rise of Big Data has lit a fire under enterprises: Streamline your digital strategy, or quickly lose out to the Amazons and Ubers of the world (i.e. companies that have mastered the science of data-driven service models).

Digital evolution is coming to an enterprise near you.

Of course, many organizations are still struggling just to dissolve departmental data silos – let alone customer data silos – in an effort to improve internal operational efficiency and overall profitability. Anything less than universal digital integration will lead to lackluster digital platforms and more importantly, the inability to use Big Data to make smarter operational decisions, nourish a predictive enterprise and swiftly respond to change.

On top of that, businesses that fail to create a highly functional digital workplace will struggle to attract and maintain the human capital they need to thrive. Finally, and most importantly, there’s the issue of long-term sustainability of a digital strategy. Resilience and flexibility are what differentiate digital transformation and digital evolution. The effects of the former will eventually wear off, whereas the latter – by definition – never stops. Remember: You can’t spell “revolution” without “evolution.”

As daunting as this all may seem, digital evolution is not pie in the sky. It’s a very real, very attainable goal for businesses of all sizes that can be achieved with a cogent, well-outlined and tailor-fit roadmap for technological innovation, such as Neudesic’s Technology Vision.

How to learn more

The best way to get more information about Neudesic’s comprehensive Tech Vision for 2017 is to contact us directly. You can also download the full “2017 Technology Vision Report,” by clicking here and selecting “Download Full Report” at the top right corner of the webpage.

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