Every law firm believes it is unique — and they’re right.
That’s exactly why expertise is the lifeblood of every successful law firm.

In a market that is increasingly competitive, firms that want to win, win on expertise—and that’s what we help you do.


Every professional services firm needs to know not only the expertise of its people, but the experience that those people actually have. The ability to surface that information is critically important to the operation of our business.

- Mark Tamminga, Innovation Partner, Gowling WSG

Ikaun is world class expertise & knowledge management, powered by AI

What is Expertise Management?

Expertise management matters.

It means—no matter what team you’re on at your firm – you know exactly where to go to get the most accurate, up-to-date experience and expertise.

With expertise & knowledge management, information is centralized in exactly one place and, by design, means that marketing, BD and KM know that the information they need resides in that exact, single “place”.

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How We Help You Win

Most firms are challenged to access their most valuable asset:  their expertise.

Instead, marketing and BD are relying on Excel spreadsheets and Word documents to track, compile, use and update information about expertise for winning new business and client development.

This manual reliance on static binary spreadsheets and documents to maintain, track and utilize the firm’s expertise is time-consuming, is likely not complete or accurate – and is costing the firm.


By centralizing experience data, firms gain these benefits:

  1. Win more business in less time
  2. Respond to more RFPs in less time with better data
  3. Drive strategic account planning
  4. Increase attorney productivity by gaining quick visibility to availability
  5. Streamline business development workflow
  6. Surface diversity statistics of teams effortlessly
  7. Substantially reduce time needed for Chambers and Legal 500 submissions


Capable of searching and synthesizing huge volumes of data from multiple sources, an expertise & knowledge management platform produces more insightful results more quickly and cost effectively than humans.

Data driven law firms will be empowered to support both tactical goals and big-picture growth objectives.  Drive BD, marketing and KM efforts by improving the accessibility of the firm’s expertise.

Meet IKA:  ikaun’s innovative gen AI tool that reduces RFP response time by 90%

Need more time?  How about 90% more?

Meet IKA, ikaun’s innovative generative AI tool that reduces RFP response time by 90%.

IKA helps marketing and BD teams throughout the entire RFP lifecycle, from down-selecting which RFPs the organization should respond to based on the skillsets of its experts, automatically answers questions of qualifying RFPs, generates consistent, enriched responses in a matter of seconds and provides multiple suggested RFP responses that target a variety of strategic approaches, and more.

Choose a Best of Breed Solution

Best of breed solutions refer to the practice of selecting and implementing the most effective and specialized software or technology components for specific tasks or functions within an organization.


It creates a series of benefits, including:

  • In the best of breed approach, each software or technology component is chosen for its specialized excellence in a specific area or function. This can result in superior performance, features, and capabilities for those specific tasks.
  • Organizations have the flexibility to select and integrate solutions that best meet their unique needs and requirements. This allows for tailored and optimized technology stacks.
  • It often leads to quicker adoption of the latest advancements because individual components can be upgraded or replaced without affecting the entire system.

Download our article, “Experience Management:  Selecting Best of Breed Solutions for Better Business Outcomes” 

Download Our Case Study - Gowling WLG
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In expertise & knowledge management, this difference can be key because:

  • Every law firm is unique in structure and objective. This is why out of the box solutions are so challenging in the legal market.
  • Niche players will be much more responsive to bespoke implementations tailored to very specific parameters set by the client’s vision as to how they want to run their business.


As a best of breed solution, our agility and flexibility translates into better integrations that ensure your firm’s actual business objectives are met, and unmatchable, quick deployments so your firm starts enjoying the value of your technology faster, ramping up your ROI timeline.


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