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7 Steps to Driving Growth with Sales Enablement

Why Sales Enablement is the Next Evolution in Business Transformation

About the webinar

Instead of thinking of Sales Enablement as training, or onboarding, or the resting place for an organization’s assets, Sales Enablement should be a strategic investment—a proactive function that actually enables your sales team to sell more, sell higher and sell faster. This 60-minute webinar will look at the elements you need to implement a successful Sales Enablement strategy that produces measurable results for your sales organization.

Why watch?

This educational seminar, presented by Unika will provide insights on how you can implement a comprehensive Sales Enablement plan that focuses on Strategy, Process, and Tooling.

We demonstrate the latest technology for :

  1. Establishing Consistency Across Your Sales Team
  2. Expediting the Onboarding Process
  3. Improving Sales Rep Productivity

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Why You Need to Act Now on Sales Enablement

  • Challenges for Sales
  • What Analysts are Saying
  • Aligning Sales & Marketing
  • Future State & Outcomes

Building an Effective Sales Enablement Strategy

  • People – Who owns it / roles & responsibilities
  • Process – How is it practiced and distributed
  • Tooling – What technology is out there to help

Unika Demo:

  • 7 actions to implement your SE strategy
  • Selling more with AI

Real World Examples & Case Studies

Knowledge Management software

Who should watch?

This educational briefing is curated for business leaders, sales, and marketing decision makers with a strong interest in learning how to build a more effective Sales organization.

  • Business Stakeholders
  • Sales & Marketing Executives
  • Sales Enablement Influencers

Jason Noble
VP, Digital Innovation Group


As Vice President of the Digital Innovation Group, Jason drives the daily innovation pipeline that fuels Neudesic's client solutions and successes.  He owns a team of technology experts, dedicated to digital enterprise transformation through trending technologies including collaboration, integration, cloud, data and analytics.

Jason has spent over twenty years helping medium-sized businesses and Fortune 500 enterprises build and manage complex, mission critical digital platforms that advance collaboration through knowledge and management applications.

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