Article: 3 Challenges Facing New Business Development and Marketing in 2020

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to create an ever-evolving knowledge set of experience that is always current and easily reused when cross-selling, staffing, and generating pitches and proposals.


A world-class experience management platform for the professional services industry.

  • Respond to more RFPs
  • Seamless experience management
  • Centralized project and matter information

A platform where ideas flow freely, you need a platform where people can ask questions, identify experts, and share discussions.

  • Dynamic knowledge sharing
  • Access across platforms and devices
  • Efficient Task Management

Find experts and build pitch teams faster based on qualifications and past experience

  • LinkedIn for your firm
  • On-premise collaboration tool
  • Respond to RFPs faster
  • Profile anything important to your firm


We knew that every thriving business must build a culture of trust. Employees need a space to communicate easily, no matter where they are. They need a place where ideas can flow freely, a space to ask questions, and a way to identify experts within the organization. That’s why we built Pulse.

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Businesses that rely on the knowledge of their people needed a better way to find and use experience. Whether you need a way to find an attorney in New York who speaks Italian and practices intellectual property in the auto industry, or you just need a world-class SharePoint intranet, The Firm Directory has you covered.


We made communicating with people and finding information easier. But there was still a missing piece - how can this information be used more effectively? Ikaun is a better way to discover, share, and reuse experience for business development and fee earners. Generate beautiful pitches and proposals, streamline business development workflows, improve staffing, and cross-sell better. 

Ikaun is a sleek, easy-to-use hub that removes business development and marketing bottlenecks, and keeps fee earners focused on billable work.



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