Build Culture while Maintaining Profitability Through COVID-19

Thursday, April 23
11:00 am PDT

Professional services and law firms are in a precarious situation. Similar to hospitality, their business is built on people. The difference is that a typical technology or legal services firm’s employee salaries are much higher than in other industries. The CARES Act of 2020 is amazing but only covers $100k of each employee's salary.

So what are firms doing to bridge the gap? During this brief webinar, we’ll introduce you to two strategies for keeping your people and maintaining profitability.

Also, we will cover why now is the time to build culture using social collaboration technologies that have kept us connected with our friends and families for years. Your firm is struggling with focus, with belonging, and with connection. We’ll show you how to fix these problems.

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We'll cover how to...

Asset 2

Build culture with social collaboration

  • Why social collaboration matters
  • How to improve your team's digital culture and collaboration
  • What tools are available to build a more connected remote team
Asset 13

Maximize value from the CARES Act

  • Why breakeven will lead to long-term profitability when this is over
  • How to maintain breakeven with high employee cost
  • What the breakeven rate reduction concept is and how to implement it

Engage clients and keep working

  • Why get people off the bench and working on client projects at a lower cost
  • How to build a digital engine to engage clients
  • What the specific deliverables are and how to execute
Jason headshot
Jason Noble
President | ikaun

Presenter info

As President of Ikaun, Jason drives the daily innovation pipeline that fuels ikaun’s client solutions and successes. He owns a team of technology experts dedicated to digital enterprise transformation through trending technologies, including collaboration, integration, cloud, and artificial intelligence. 

Jason has spent over twenty years helping medium-sized and Fortune 500 enterprises build and manage complex, mission-critical digital platforms that advance collaboration through knowledge and management applications. Over the past eight years, Jason has worked with over 40 of the AmLaw 200 with a focus on knowledge management, collaboration, and experience discovery.