Experience Management Essential Features

There are a number of essential features when it comes to selecting an experience management platform. How easy is it to use, what features does it have when it comes to generating on brand proposals, const and implementation, and so much more.

ikaun is a world-class experience management platform for the legal services industry.

Increase law firm revenue by 10% in 2 years using the exact same business development team.

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Experience at your fingertips:

Ikaun's Experience Platform organizes your firm's unique "know-how" into a rich, reusable digital content library enabling faster pitches and proposals, better staffing, and secure knowledge sharing.

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Matter and Experience Discovery

  • Create a comprehensive database of knowledge around representative matters
  • Capture critical data from your matter management system
  • Respect "ethical walls" with tight security controls
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Firm Directory

  • Create profiles with key information about your firm's associates, attorneys, and managing partners
  • Discover internal experts with firm-specific filters
  • Maintain control of filters available to specific users or groups
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Proposal Generator

  • Automate proposal creation and focus on client engagement
  • Save product descriptions, case studies, costs, images, and even your best proposals in one library
  • Ready-to-go content means not having to reinvent the wheel with every new proposal
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Securely Manage & Share Content

  • Easily upload documents or integrate your existing documents systems
  • Find and share content with a prospective client in minutes
  • Set custom visibility security controls per user or groups