Article: 3 Challenges Facing New Business Development and Marketing in 2020


That will differentiate your firm

Experience Management: Centralize everything your firm has done.

Eliminate "pardon the interruption" emails with a catalog of collective skills and experience of everyone within your organization.

Centralize everything your firm has done, and who did it, into a single location to help with pitches, proposals, cross-selling, staffing, and more.


Pitches and Proposals


Pitch Generation

Leverage experience already unified in your ikaun platform, including projects, SME information, service descriptions, files, content, and more, to create beautiful on-brand proposals and pitches in minutes.
Legal Hero


Eliminate email as the mechanism for ad-hoc staffing of projects with validated SME experience profiles.

Share Content

Find and manage internal and client-related content securely. Easily share content within your team or with prospective clients.

Directory Submissions


Chamber Submission

Ikaun’s new Chambers and Awards Submissions feature allows your team to be more organized and efficient when building and submitting your submission form
IKA Teams


Ikaun provides a simple task assignment system for each of your practice submissions, meaning you can assign tasks to specific practice leads to author the required content.

Knowledge Management


Knowledge Collection

Ikaun puts a high priority on getting information to your employees when and where they need it, while also keeping it safe from unauthorized access.

Get Answers Quickly

Discover experience and knowledge quickly with the power of natural language processing, simply search the way you speak and get answers in seconds.


Efficiently grow the business by making siloed practice information available company-wide.