Win More Clients: streamline your law firm's ability to sell its experience

Understanding the importance of implementing an integrated and automated experience management platform.

In this eBook you will learn:

  • The critical need for Law Firms to implement an Experience Management Platform
  • How to leverage your firm experience for a competitive advantage
  • Best practices when implementing an Experience Management Platform
  • Use your experience to make better business development decisions

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Your Firm's Experience at your fingertips:

Ikaun's Experience Platform organizes your firm's unique "know-how" into a rich, reusable digital content library enabling faster pitches and proposals, better staffing, and secure knowledge sharing.

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Matter and Experience Discovery

  • Create a comprehensive database of knowledge around representative matters
  • Capture critical data from your matter management system
  • Respect "ethical walls" with tight security controls
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Firm Directory

  • Create profiles with key information about your firm's associates, attorneys, and managing partners
  • Discover internal experts with firm-specific filters
  • Maintain control of filters available to specific users or groups
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Proposal Generator

  • Automate proposal creation and focus on client engagement
  • Save product descriptions, case studies, costs, images, and even your best proposals in one library
  • Ready-to-go content means not having to reinvent the wheel with every new proposal
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Securely Manage & Share Content

  • Easily upload documents or integrate your existing documents systems
  • Find and share content with a prospective client in minutes
  • Set custom visibility security controls per user or groups