ikaun Demonstrates CV Automation Powering World Class Experience Management Platform at ILTACON

IRVINE, CA – (Aug 16, 2023) – ikaun, the AI-powered, world class experience management platform for law firms and professional services organizations, today announces it will be demonstrating CV Automation at ILTACON.  CV Automation is a powerful new feature in the ikaun platform that radically simplifies the search for accurate CVs and resumes and enables very large packages of perfectly consistent, branded CVs to be instantly downloaded at the touch of a button and exported to a wide variety of standard bid formats such as World Bank, US Standard Form 220 and European Curriculum Vitae.


Large professional services organizations commonly face critical challenges when identifying the right persons and their CVs, verifying the accuracy of those CVs, and finally, manually QC’ing the CVs for style and brand consistency for bid, proposal and RFP packages. When searches are expansive or global across tens of thousands of professionals, and when information is spread across multiple systems, in inconsistent formats and with no automated way to update and/or verify the accuracy and currency of the information once it is found, the project can seem, and often is, insurmountable.


By centralizing access to all CVs within the organization in an elegant, searchable platform, and directly delivering automated CV updates through project database and profile integrations, CV Automation helps bid, proposal and staffing professionals eliminate onerous, stressful, error-prone searches and win back time with a seamless, frictionless process.


Even more, CV Automation drives simplicity and ease when creating large packages of CVs, enabling instant download of upwards of 1000’s of CV/resumes at a time for RFPS, project work, and staffing requests that can be immediately exported to a wide variety of the most common vid formats, including World Bank, US Standard Form 220 and European Curriculum Vitae.


Jason Noble, ikaun’s Chief of Product Strategy, comments: “With CV Automation, we’ve attacked a monumental pain point experienced by so many professional services organizations in the collection and production of experience information from, often, thousands of professionals.  We’re thrilled with the level of ease and sophistication CV Automation is already bringing to our clients in this space and look forward to the value and ROI they are going to drive back to their organizations as a result.”


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