While it’s difficult to calculate the total cost of responding to an RFP it’s not a stretch to say that a firm can spend between 20 and 250 thousand dollars depending on the complexity of the RFP and cross-practice services being proposed. Most of the costs come in the form of time spent on searching for experience, responding to specific asks of the RFP and managing the process of creating and aggregating information into a polished response. All of this routine work can be dramatically reduced if not eliminated with the right combination of technology and change management.

Without a unified experience platform, BD teams are often contacting fee earners to assist them in earning new business, yet very few firms have a system in place to track ROI on their efforts.

Ikaun gives the business development team the power to work autonomously in creating accurate proposals, while still maintaining high-quality pitches and a higher win rate. Client expectations continue to increase, putting more pressure on business development to respond to RFPs faster.

How did we make this calculation?

We’ve seen our clients respond to 10% more RFPs with the same team. This calculation is a simplified version of our more sophisticated model, which yields a more accurate representation of your firm’s RFP efficiency. The values this calculator generates are not a guarantee and are for demonstration purposes only.
How many proposals do you send a month?
What is the average value per proposal?
With ikaun you could make an additional:

Leverage knowledge already unified in your ikaun platform, including representative matters, internal experts, service descriptions, content, and more, to create beautiful proposals and pitches in a fraction of the time.

  • Enable your sellers to spend time fostering and building relationships with prospects, not writing and designing proposals and pitch decks.
  • Ikaun's experience management platform provides your sellers with the information they need to better respond to client inquiries and win more business.
  • Produce consistent and on-brand proposals and pitches.
  • Easily export your pitch deck and proposal via a secure custom webpage, in a branded Word document, PDF, or PowerPoint deck.

Discover experience and knowledge quickly with the power of natural language processing, simply search the way you speak and get answers in seconds.

  • Build a repository of frequently asked questions, quick tips, and more.
  • Search in the way you speak, and get answers in real-time from anywhere in your ikaun environment.
  • Improve answers over time with supervised learning, giving you the power to enhance the firm's digital assistant.