Unika for Employee Engagement

Employee Intranet Software  Enhance Employee Engagement & Productivity

Unika’s employee intranet software makes it easy to create an internal company intranet, complete with beautiful page design, employee profiles, content libraries, and portals for each department. 

With Unika, your employees can get answers, learn company news, find documents, and find internal subject matter experts.

Unika's streamlined employee intranet software enables knowledge sharing, collaboration, and enhances employee engagement.

Employee Engagement

Communicate Company News, Values, Benefits, and More

Templates & Pages

Easily create, edit, and format a Page in Unika's WYSIWYG editor, or use our templates to get started quickly. No coding skills require.

Share Content & Documents

Document management that can hold any type of file. Easily setup security and visibility controls. Share content with departments or individuals.

Employee Profiles & Directory

With just a few clicks, employees can search and find anyone in the organization by expertise or other search queries. Enhance collaboration and reduce search time.

Employee Intranet Software

Employee Intranet Software: Empower, Communicate, and Measure

Unika's Employee Intranet Software is designed to help you easily create a central location to manage and share company information. Our Intranet templates are user friendly and can help you get started quickly.

Creating & Sharing Information with Your Employees

Communicate company news, employee benefits, events, new policies and other content. Unika's employee intranet software makes it easy to create pages for any purpose.

Establishing a Successful Onboarding Experience

Provide new employees with everything they need to get started by giving them access to HR and department resources from a single source. Unika's self-service portal allows new hires to quickly find assets, mentors, and answers.

Improving Employee Engagement

Create a culture of learning within your organization through rich media content libraries, people directories, and engaging pages. Measure the effectiveness of your intranet solution with powerful analytics and knowledge sharing campaigns.

Employee Intranet Software