Spring updates: Coordinate work when responding to RFPs, better export control, and more…

Jason Noble
President, CEO

We’re nearly halfway through the year and we’ve added some great new capabilities, and enhanced others.

Here’s a quick rundown…

Awards and Submissions

  • Automate Chambers submissions. Submitting to Chambers is painful. We get it. That’s why we completely automated the process. With this new capability, your team will be organized and efficient when submitting to Chambers.
  • No more Excel sheets with task assignments and manually creating your PB06. Ikaun does it all for you.

Pitch, Proposal and Contract Generation

  • Coordinate your work with streamlined task assignments. Keep things moving by assigning people on your team tasks and due dates.
  • Task assignments are great for business development departments that work in teams when responding to RFPs. For example, you can assign a person to research representative matters, and another person to research and propose pricing. 
  • Control how your content is exported. We wanted to make the experience between Word and our proposal generator even better, so we added support for tables, better image sizing, and far more control over how the content is exported.
  • Generate Costing Tables, and other complex tables and lists with complete flexibility.


  • More relevant search results. We’re constantly refining our search experience based on customer feedback and usage patterns. This new release produces more relevant results with partial matches, multi-word matches, and hit highlighting. An added bonus – the UI is way more efficient and user friendly.

Currency Support

  • Choose between 10 different currencies. We’ve added first-class support for multiple currencies throughout ikaun. This means that your deals can be in US dollars, Canadian dollars, British pounds, or any of our 10 different currencies.


  • Important information can now be targeted to people based on their role. For example, business development can have a Notes section that is dedicated to their team.
  • Amazing matter filtering. We added the ability to automatically filter a matter list to the current user based on being the Responsible Attorney, Billing Attorney, or even someone that billed to a matter.


  • Include your intranet’s navigation header in ikaun. This gives your users a seamless experience moving between apps.
  • Synthesize data from multiple sources as smooth as butter. We’ve completely overhauled how we schedule jobs that talk to Aderant, 3E, and other internal data sources.
  • Import custom taxonomies while importing from other systems. Now you don’t have to have a taxonomy pre-defined before doing an import.
  • Shhhh – this one is really good. Generate proposals overnight using your website content. We’ll show you how.


  • Based on client feedback, we made inputting new experience records way faster. You can do this with a feature we call Quick Add. Set up a demo and we can show it to you.
  • Share Attorney Bios with prospects and clients. With a single click, you can share a client-friendly Attorney bio or Matter profile.


  • You can now subscribe to people and matters you want to watch. It keeps people engaged and up-to-date with what’s going on.
  • Get notified when new matters are imported. This ties in with our ability to import matters from your financial system based on specific criteria like hours billed, open date, close date, or any other information.


  • Ability to have tenant or data center specific Redis, SQL, Services, and/or Elasticsearch resources. Tenant shard-able resources are needed for data isolation.
  • New Security setting on types.


  • DevOps Improvements. Contain your excitement.


  • Bunch of bugs squashed. 44. 🐜🐛🕷🐝🦋🐞🦗🦟🐜🐛🕷🐝🦋🐞🦗🦟🐜🐛🕷🐝🦋🐞🦗🦟🐜🐛🕷🐝🦋🐞🦗🦟🐜🐛🕷🐝🦋🐞🦗🦟🐜🐛🕷🐝.

Key Features

Ikaun was built to help organizations easily create, discover, and use knowledge to enhance employee productivity and increase business outcomes.

Experience Finder

Experience Finder

Leverage your organization's collective experience for better decision making; easily search for internal experts by skill sets, industry expertise, and more.

AI-Enhanced Search

AI-Enhanced Search

Ikaun’s Intelligent-Knowledge-Assistant searches through your ikaun environment and other connected systems to help answer FAQs, find people, find assets, or support complex research scenarios.



Create easy-to-read profiles that include biography, skills / expertise, employment history, certifications, affiliations and other key information about your employees.


Proposal Generator

Leverage experience already unified in your ikaun platform to create beautiful on-brand proposals and pitches in minutes.

Knowledge Campaigns

Knowledge Campaigns

Deploy knowledge campaigns to inform employees about active pursuits, new clients, or firm news.



Connect your document management systems, CRM, and other popular applications with ease and confidence.