A Few Examples of ikaun Integrations

Ikaun combines all of your digital assets and knowledge into one central location. Connect your document management systems, CRM, and other popular applications to ikaun with ease and confidence.

Your Data

Ikaun's suite of systems integrations helps you centralize important company information, making it easier for executives, managers, and your sales team to find information faster and make better decisions. Simplify reporting and give leaders a comprehensive view of engagement, sales, client advocacy, and more.

Your Content

Maximize the most out of your content by connecting your document management system to ikaun. Search, download, edit, upload, and share files to internal contacts while keeping your files safe with highly customizable security controls.

Your People

Create rich employee profiles, a searchable employee directory, welcome new hires, and more, by connecting your HRIS systems. Enable secure authentication and synchronize employee profiles.