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To create an open culture where ideas flow freely, you need a platform where people can ask questions, identify experts, and share discussions with groups and colleagues all over the world. Neudesic Pulse is that platform.

Important business events can occur anywhere, at any time. So enterprise social software must be flexible to be effective. Neudesic Pulse is always accessible, keeping your employees connected and informed, regardless of what system, application, platform or device they’re using.

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Connected to your line-of-business systems

We know the value of (and cost associated with) your key line-of-business systems. Neudesic Pulse adds a social layer to your enterprise by integrating with SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Outlook, Lync, and other line-of-business systems; thereby increasing their adoption and utilization.

The most important measure of your enterprise is productivity. Neudesic Pulse is built for getting work done. Our “Tasks” feature transforms how you track and manage work by making the processes social.

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Find Experts

The first LinkedIn style enterprise directory to combine industry specialization, geographic location, and recognition with configurable parameters relevant to searching and sharing skills.


Build communities

Create vibrant social intranet and extranets with expertise powered community profiles, advanced gamification, and file libraries with document preview, share a link and activity log features.


Share knowledge

Communicate securely from your desktop or mobile device using Moderation, Questions, Blogs, Tasks or Videos with Exchange, Lync, SharePoint and Line of Business application integration.

"I've been here for four years, and I haven't seen us collaborate at all until now."

Mary Claire Healy,

Human Resources Training Manager at Penton Media

"We needed a solution that could bring our entire organization together to collaborate, share ideas, ask questions and get answers, either from a centralized ‘hub’ or within the business systems we use on a regular basis. Neudesic Pulse was the perfect choice."

Phil Scott,

Senior Vice President, Enterprise Services at The Word & Brown Companies

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