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Looking for someone in your firm with a bar admission in New York who speaks Italian and practices intellectual property in the auto industry? Just enter the qualifications you’re looking for in the customizable search fields, and let The Firm Directory’s powerful Experience Finder do the rest

Assemble pitch teams for proposals in a flash with People Pivot. Just enter education, bar admissions, judge clerkships or other search criteria to build lists of people with similar profile information. You can then view and navigate quickly through their profiles without losing search criteria or results.

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Create Flexible and Secure Profiles

Automatically surface information captured in your internal systems in real time, and eliminate the need to input data manually. You can also customize profiles by adding fields that fit the needs of your firm. And keep everything private with built-in security settings

An NLJ 100 law firm integrated The Firm Directory’s powerful experience discovery capabilities into its new SharePoint intranet that UX research firm Nielson Norman named One of the 10 Best Intranets of 2016. Interactive profiles, advanced expertise location, skills taxonomy and other features of The Firm Directory provide their staff with easy access to needed information.

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The Research Directory module expands The Firm Directory’s people-centric directories to allow law firms to profile anything. Gain a better understanding of the most important aspects of your business such as cases, matters, practices, clients, alumni, resources and more


Experience finder

Use customizable fields to search every profile in your firm to find people with the right experience for each opportunity.


Role-Based Search

Control which filters are available to specific people or groups to limit access to certain information.


People pivot

Build a list of people with shared criteria, like Education, Bar Admissions or Judge Clerkships, and then navigate quickly through their profiles.


Profile Approval Workflow

Built-in moderation enables you to monitor and approve profiles prior to publication, with field-level controls and approval workflows.


Firm-specific Directories

Create custom directories to unlock knowledge or experience around clients, key deals, parties, practices or opposing counsel.


Secure Social Collaboration

Add on-premise social capabilities to share knowledge around clients, practices or matters while maintaining complete confidentiality.

“Our legal clients are excited to have us implement their next-generation intranet, leveraging our SharePoint development and design expertise – now combined with the ability to embed the seamless expertise location capabilities of Neudesic’s The Firm Directory.”

Paul VanderMeer

Chief Knowledge Officer at Bilzin Sumberg Baena Price & Axelrod LLP

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