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Jason Noble
President | ikaun

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As President of Ikaun, Jason drives the daily innovation pipeline that fuels ikaun’s client solutions and successes. He owns a team of technology experts dedicated to digital enterprise transformation through trending technologies, including collaboration, integration, cloud, and artificial intelligence. 

Jason has spent over twenty years helping medium-sized and Fortune 500 enterprises build and manage complex, mission-critical digital platforms that advance collaboration through knowledge and management applications. Over the past eight years, Jason has worked with over 40 of the AmLaw 200 with a focus on knowledge management, collaboration, and experience discovery.

3 Challenges Facing New Business Development in 2020

Just like every other industry today, the legal services industry is experiencing massive disruption lead not only by technology but also by client expectations. These expectations are forcing firms to become more responsive and leverage their experience and expertise in new and creative ways. In working with our clients and prospects, we’ve identified three challenges that are impacting business development and ultimately firm growth.