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This global collective of designers, engineering and sustainability consultants, advisors and experts with over 18,000 professionals worldwide in over 92 offices and 33 countries across the United States, Europe and Australasia places a strong emphasis on the expertise of its professionals.


Therefore, the company sought to create, sustain and evolve a global directory of their people, their skills, expertise, experience and professional interests to substantially improve their knowledge sharing capabilities and the bidding and proposal process--ultimately providing the best possible solutions for the firm’s clients.


Historically at the firm, individual regions managed file shares where CVs for pitches and bids were stored; however, CV owners did not own the process of updating their content and, instead, professionals creating the bids were tasked with describing the work of individual professionals, a labor-intensive process.  If bid preparers were not already familiar with individual expertise, locating professionals by expertise was not searchable in the current multi-platform system.


Leadership sought a solution that would make it easy for their professionals to find their experts and place them in what they call an ‘expertise matrix.’  This meant, their bid preparers needed to be able to easily not only locate CVs but place them all together in a package and quickly generate Word documents with ease. This would significantly reduce the amount of time spent searching and reformatting documents, reduce the time spent creating bids, and significantly increase the quality of those bids.


Leadership proposed the solution ought to centralize these capabilities into one holistic system, enabling bid preparers to locate professionals by expertise and where professionals could maintain and edit their own profiles, including project experience and publications.


In a global, competitive process, firm leadership determined that ikaun provided everything the company sought in one, complete platform.


ikaun consistently demonstrates exceptional partnership, and this is even more true during client implementations; in this instance, ikaun delivered custom capabilities, imported approximately 7,000 existing CVs, and retired two legacy systems.


On February 1, the firm proudly went live with their new system to the accolades of leadership who were excited for the potential ROI, the reduced effort and increased quality of their bid processes, and expressed exceptional delight on the functionality, UX, and CV automation features.


“I think this is really well thought through and delivered an example of digital development. Well done to the team and whoever clearly defined the initial brief and beta-tested this so well. Thank you on behalf of a lot of our people, the ROI on this is going to be huge.”


“CV automation is amazing thank you!“

If your firm is challenged with labor-intensive processes, ikaun can help.