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ikaun at Marketing Partner Forum: Increasing Win Rates + Profitability with Technology

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4:45pm - 5:45pm

Fellow Travelers: The New Faces of the Marketing Team

Change is a constant, especially within a law firm, and as the legal industry itself continues to evolve, firms will recognize the need to adapt their marketing strategies to effectively engage clients. Considering continuous alterations of pricing models to the rapid development and adoption of AI tools, how might said changes also be impacting law firm marketing teams? To meet these growing demands within an increasingly dynamic digital landscape, firms are expanding marketing teams to include staff with new and/or unique skillsets.  So, who are the new faces of the marketing department and what new skills are they bringing to the firm? This session will explore these emerging roles as well as the skills and expertise required for success in these positions. Our faculty will also offer insight into how these new roles can drive innovation, enhance client engagement, and elevate the firm's overall marketing efforts.



Jennifer JohnsonChief Executive Officer, Calibrate
Jason NoblePresident and CEO, ikaun
Lauren Piccolo-IngramDirector of Client Development, Cooley LLP

At Marketing Partner Forum: Meet IKA!

Meet IKA:  ikaun’s innovative gen AI tool that reduces RFP response time by 90%

We have many exciting updates to discuss with you at this year’s MPF.  Since last year’s Forum, we introduced the market to IKA, our generative AI tool that reduces RFP response times by 90%.

IKA helps marketing and BD teams throughout the entire RFP lifecycle, from down-selecting which RFPs the organization should respond to based on the skillsets of its experts, automatically answers questions of qualifying RFPs, generates consistent, enriched responses in a matter of seconds and provides multiple suggested RFP responses that target a variety of strategic approaches, and more.

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Ikaun is world class experience management, powered by AI

What is Experience Management?

Experience management matters.  Clients are more likely to choose a firm with a demonstrated history of delivering successful outcomes.


Experience management means critical expertise information is centralized in exactly one place by design.  With experience management, your bid and proposal managers know exactly where to find the critical information they need and can access it in an instant.


This creates a multitude of invaluable efficiencies and business value for the organization, including:

  • Winning new business more efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Responding to more RFPs faster by generating consistent, on-brand proposals
  • Efficiently growing the business by making siloed practice information available company-wide
  • Simplifying company experience and making it reusable for complex pitches and proposals
  • Automatically generating consistent, brand-friendly proposals and pitches
  • Highlighting past and current work for the firm to see, enabling outside sales and cross-selling

How We Help You Win

Efficiently leveraging your firm’s collective experience gives an organization a competitive advantage.

With experience data centralized, firms enjoy surgically efficient and accurate outputs through CV Automation, Expertise Matrices, Briefcase, Proposal Generation and Availability features that help drive growth and productivity.

Knowledge Campaigns

CV Automation

Centralize access to all CVs in an elegant, searchable platform, seamlessly deliver automated CV updates through project database and profile integrations, and enable instant download of upwards of 1000’s of CV/resumes at a time in all of the most common vid formats, including World Bank, US Standard Form 220 and European Curriculum Vitae.

Experience Finder

Expertise Matrices:

Relevant experience and competency levels of professionals is centralized into deeply detailed knowledge domain taxonomies, simplifying search to a few clicks.



Customized profiles are added to the Briefcase and -- in just one click – users export up-to-date, customized profiles. Bid or proposal preparers are assured of the accuracy and currency of professional profiles through an automated self-assessment portal provided to every professional in the organization.


Proposal Generation:

Leverage experience already unified in your ikaun platform, including projects, SME information, service descriptions, files, content and more, to create beautiful on-brand proposals and pitches in minutes.

AI-Enhanced Search


Availability helps firms ensure the productivity of their experts by knowing in an instant who is available, what type of work they are able to perform, even career aspirations.