ikaun Releases New Sales Enablement Solution Designed to Help Sales Teams Work Smarter and Sell More

IRVINE, CA– May 8, 2019 – ikaun, the next-generation of Knowledge Management & Sales Enablement, today announced the release of its new Sales Enablement solution, designed to help organizations mature their sales enablement processes. ikaun’s Sales Enablement solution provides sales teams with a single platform to get instant access to deal winning information, help deliver an effective onboarding process, continuously train sales reps, enhance content visibility, and ultimately help organizations sell more.

ikaun integrates knowledge from systems of record (email, CRM, business apps, etc.) and presents this information in a unified platform, accessible to both sales and marketing departments. With ikaun, sales teams can reduce time searching for relevant assets, leverage existing knowledge to eliminate rework, and find internal subject matter experts to help answer hard questions. ikaun differentiates itself from other sales enablement solutions with an AI-Assistant that can help salespeople in research scenarios, train reps on standardized sales procedures, or find knowledge across corporate systems.

“ikaun helps organizations enhance sales efficiencies by capturing and sharing the kind of knowledge that email and traditional communication channels don’t offer,” said Jason Noble, president of ikaun. “We built ikaun from the ground up to offer rich configuration and extensibility that allows organizations to establish collaborative pursuit teams, leverage deal winning insights, uncover internal knowledge, and establish best-practices specific to their culture.”

As a recognized leading Knowledge Management solution by KMWorld, ikaun is designed to help organizations overcome the challenges of capturing, accessing, and sharing knowledge. ikaun empowers salespeople with the information they need to maximize interactions with customers. Sales leadership can use ikaun to foster a culture of learning by delivering knowledge campaigns to their teams, while tracking engagement analytics. Marketing teams can store their best assets in ikaun’s AI-enabled repository, helping sellers discover information that is typically buried across multiple systems.

When asked why ikaun is considered one of the top sales tools of 2019, Nancy Nardin, founder of Smart Selling Tools said, “ikaun’s product functionality and advanced AI capabilities address many of the evolving sales enablement requirements of Sales and Marketing teams. ikaun makes it easy for sales teams to capture and find knowledge, helping to maximize rep productivity and re-focus efforts on customer engagement.”

ikaun’s Sales Enablement solution can help:

  • promote selling best practices
  • onboard new Sales hires
  • find internal experts
  • build digital pitches
  • publish and discover assets
  • and establish sales team consistency

ikaun’s Sales Enablement solution is available now for download and is free for 14 days. You can learn more or start your free trial by visiting


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ikaun is the next generation of knowledge management and sales enablement. The ikaun platform helps organizations create, find, and use knowledge to improve productivity and organizational efficiency. ikaun addresses challenges related to finding answers, a view of who knows what at the organization, finding assets, and serves as a modern user-friendly repository of relevant information. For more information, please visit


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