Unika's Knowledge Discovery Software


Connect with the right people, find the right information

Unika's Knowledge Discovery software is a self-service experience discovery system that provides quick and easy access to the collective skills and relationship capital of everyone in your organization.

With just a few clicks, Unika reveals everyone in your organization who fits your search criteria – even if you have thousands of employees in offices worldwide.

Unika's Knowledge Discovery software  makes it easy to build searchable people profiles, and enhances asset discovery, collaboration, and connect employees with the right internal experts.

Knowledge Discovery Software

Can your company's directory do this?

Experience Finder

Use advanced Global search to scan every profile in your directory to find people with the right expertise for each opportunity.

Comprehensive 360° Profiles

Create easy-to-read profiles that include biography, skills / expertise, employment history, certifications, affiliations and other key information about your employee.

Role-Based Search

Control which filters are available to specific people or groups to limit access to certain information.


AI-Powered Intelligent Search

Unika's Intelligent Knowledge Assistant (IKA) is the only conversational AI bot that can be used across multiple channels, devices and languages, to help you find the right colleagues with the right expertise.

Mobile Directory Search

Voice to Text capability ensures your conversations with IKA are supported while you are on a mobile device or tablet.

Natural Language Understanding

IKA's Natural Language Processing engine allows you to ask complex questions or use simple utterances. IKA interprets your intent and provides contextually relevant information in seconds.

Real-time Knowledge Discovery

IKA searches through your Unika environment and other connected systems to help answer FAQs, find people, find assets, or support complex research scenarios.


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