Enhancing The Sales System with Mike Scariano – Episode 1 of The Pursuit Desk

Matthew Martin
Marketing Manager

This week’s episode of The Pursuit Desk features Mike Scariano, Vice President of Sales at Neudesic, a technology consulting organization with over 800 global employees.

Mike manages a $100M sales budget and brings over 17 years of experience in the Microsoft System Integrator Partner Channel.

Learn more about Mike and Neudesic.

Time stamps and topics covered:

5:21 Building an effective pursuit process for a national sales organization.

8:12 Leveraging multiple channels to acquire net-new consulting clients.

10:10 Making the life of sellers easier with multi-channel lead generation.

10:25 How to cross-sell and overcome the challenge of a geographically separated sales team.

11:57 Sharing the skills of consultants is more important now than ever.

12:32 How has ikaun changed the way Neudesic staff’s its consultants?

13:16 What to do with consultants hitting the bench during a slowed workload due to COVID-19.

14:31 Embracing automation during economic downturns.

15:23 Why does he give clients access to view his consultant’s experience?

17:43 Remote work lowered the burden on clients to pay for travel & expenses, allowing the selling community to help companies they normally wouldn’t be able to.

18:45 Breaking up the sales team into sales enablement, onboarding, and reporting.

19:30 Why he’s doubling down on sales enablement.

19:52 The single commonality and struggle that the team faces with sales enablement.

20:38 How to share success stories in real-time.

21:37 Choosing which RFPs to respond to, why he’s selective, and why he didn’t respond to a lot of them.

22:49 Increasing RFP win-rate with the pursuit desk.

Key Features

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Experience Finder

Experience Finder

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AI-Enhanced Search

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Knowledge Campaigns

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