ikaun Introduces Ika (ee-ka): The Revolutionary Truth-Based Generative AI That Radically Reduces RFP Response Times by 90%

IRVINE, CA – (April 17, 2023) – ikaun, the leading edge experience management platform for law firms and professional services, today is pleased to introduce Ika (pronounced ee-ka) to the market.  Ika is ikaun’s revolutionary, truth-based generative AI that, among other things, radically reduces RFP response time by 90%.  Deployed in firms’ proprietary experience data, Ika is able to help firms discover novel truths that deliver competitive advantage and invaluable outcomes at unmatchable, astonishing rates, completely transforming the labor of RFP responses and radically reducing time spent by 90%.


ikaun will introduce Ika to the attendees of the Legal Marketing Association Conference in Hollywood, Florida April 24-26 and will be central to the company’s upcoming  ILTA-sponsored, AI Day Wednesday, May 17th at 12pm ET.  To register for Ika’s AI Day, go here.


“Ika is an agent of transformation.  Imagine an intelligent, super-power-enabled member of the marketing and business develop team that has perfect knowledge of every successful RFP the firm has ever produced, perfect knowledge of the expertise of every single attorney at the firm, and infinite computing ability to produce outcomes without fail or error.  Ika is the competitive advantage marketing and business development teams have been waiting for – and we’re thrilled to be delivering it,” comments Anthony Ferry, ikaun’s CEO.


Ika will be helping marketing and BD teams throughout the entire RFP lifecycle, from down-selecting which RFPs the firm should respond to based on the skillsets of its attorneys, automatically answering questions of qualifying RFPs, generating consistent, enriched responses in a matter of seconds and providing multiple suggested RFP responses that target a variety of strategic approaches, and more.


“We are incredibly excited to be delivering truth-based, generative AI–a tool law firms have, to date, only dreamed of. It’s an incredibly exciting time and, by building in our principles of trust, confidentiality, compliance and cost-effectiveness, our beta testing clients are already seeing incalculable value. We are beyond thrilled to be driving into the future in partnership with them,” adds Jason Noble, ikaun’s Chief of Product Strategy.


Ikaun will be hosting AI Day, cosponsored by ILTA on Wednesday, May 17th at 12pm ET. To meet Ika, register for AI Day here.


About ikaun

ikaun is the next generation of experience management and sales enablement. The ikaun platform helps organizations create, find, and use knowledge to improve productivity and organizational efficiency. ikaun addresses challenges related to finding answers, a view of who knows what at the organization, finding assets, and serves as a modern, user-friendly repository of relevant information. For more information, please visit