Ikaun’s Proposal Generator – Feature Release August 2019

Jason Noble
President, CEO

Is too much of your seller’s time spent on creating new pitch decks or finding information to create effective sales proposals and RFP responses? The main bottleneck in success remains in the ability to quickly and easily find content and internal subject matter experts, as well as the ability to assemble this information in a consistent and efficient manner.

Sellers have been psychologically conditioned to look for answers outside of your outdated content libraries, and instead fire off emails to answer questions like: Where is our latest case study? Who has experience in this service offering? What are our updated service descriptions? Do we have any previous proposals for “XYZ”? This list of questions goes on and on…

What sellers need to create winning proposals:

  1. A better way to search through existing proposals and winning RFPs
  2. Ability to quickly find internal subject matter experts to provide the best responses and relevant experience
  3. Access to an updated and organized content library to easily import assets, images, descriptions, and case studies into their proposal
  4. Analytics to measure the effectiveness of proposals and leverage past learnings

Your sellers need a central source of experience, digital content, and past proposals. With ikaun’s business development platform and new proposal generation solution, your sellers can become self-sufficient, and quickly find answers to these types of questions and not have to wait around for your marketing team to respond or help them create content. With ikaun’s integration capabilities, your sellers will always have access to the most up to date content.


How ikaun’s Proposal Generator Works

Ikaun frees up your sellers from manual proposal creation by providing them with a single platform to find answers and assets in real-time. Your sellers can leverage an intuitive, easy to use, point & click interface to select pre-made proposal templates or create proposals from the ground up by easily importing service line descriptions, internal experts, case studies, cover pages, pricing, images, and more.

Find Internal Subject Matter Experts

Let’s say you want to know who in your organization is an expert in a particular service line or has experience working with clients in an industry vertical. Rather than sending an email out to everyone in the organization and waiting for a response, your sellers can use ikaun’s internal “LinkedIn like” directory to discover subject matter experts across a number of applicable search queries.  

Find & Share Digital Assets

With ikaun, all of your marketing content, technical documentation, and legal agreements live in a centralized repository and available to your sellers when they need them. Quickly upload documents or integrate your existing document storage systems. Ikaun makes it easy to configure visibility and security controls per user or groups as well.

Try it for 30 days

Ikaun is available to try for 30 days for free. Our customer success team will work with you to set up a secure and custom environment that provides your sales team with access to ikaun’s proposal generator, sales enablement library, and digital asset management. No credit card required or conditions attached, if you don’t see value in creating proposals in minutes, then we won’t charge you a dime.



1. What ikaun is NOT

Ikaun is not a marketing automation platform…

Ikaun is not a CRM…

Ikaun is not a DMS…

While ikaun integrates with the systems mentioned above, at its core, ikaun is a sales enablement platform that focuses on making your sellers more productive and efficient. To do this, ikaun focuses on self-service, equipping your sellers with the right assets, experts, content, processes, and tools to help increase their efficiency and productivity.

2. What type of AI is ikaun?

Ikaun’s uses cognitive engagement technology using NLP (Natural Language Processing) to understand text and speech utterances. Users can ask ikaun’s Intelligent Knowledge Assistant questions and get answers in real-time.

3. What does ikaun integrate with?

Ikaun has integrations with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Aderant, and more. We also offer a robust API so that you can add your own custom integrations.

4. How does ikaun keep my data secure?

Ikaun is is SOC-2 certified, HIPAA-ready, and GDPR-compliant. Ikaun’s security controls are highly configurable and allow you to set information access controls at the individual user or group level.

5. Can ikaun be used as both an internal and partner-facing platform?

Yes. You can use ikaun as an internal sales enablement platform as well as a knowledge-sharing portal for your partners and resellers.

Key Features

Ikaun was built to help organizations easily create, discover, and use knowledge to enhance employee productivity and increase business outcomes.

Experience Finder

Experience Finder

Leverage your organization's collective experience for better decision making; easily search for internal experts by skill sets, industry expertise, and more.

AI-Enhanced Search

AI-Enhanced Search

Ikaun’s Intelligent-Knowledge-Assistant searches through your ikaun environment and other connected systems to help answer FAQs, find people, find assets, or support complex research scenarios.



Create easy-to-read profiles that include biography, skills / expertise, employment history, certifications, affiliations and other key information about your employees.


Proposal Generator

Leverage experience already unified in your ikaun platform to create beautiful on-brand proposals and pitches in minutes.

Knowledge Campaigns

Knowledge Campaigns

Deploy knowledge campaigns to inform employees about active pursuits, new clients, or firm news.



Connect your document management systems, CRM, and other popular applications with ease and confidence.